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We leverage our network of hyper-local influencers to create brand awareness and send targeted patrons to your business when you want/need them most. Signing up  is easy, and once you schedule an influencer visit and a special promotion, we do the rest! Join Nexdup now, and see how we can change the face of your business!
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Because we are offering the Influencer partnership package fore FREE for a limited time!



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  How will I receive my payment?

Once you select your premier service and identify a special promotion to offer to our exclusive Nexdup users we will pre-sell these appointments on our app. On the day of check in we will notify you of any confirmed bookings and we ask that you verify any user that claims they pre-purchased your special. Honor that deal and we will remit and pre-paid purchases to you by your request after 48 hours. Any non-claimed purchases will still be honored. Special Terms apply.

  How do I upload my services?

Once you have been approved as a Nexdup Advertising Partner you can access your dashboard on the Nexdup app. Here you are free to define any daily special that you wish to offer our users. Simply enter the date of the offer, the special service you are making available, the standard retail price and the price you wish you offer. will begin reaching a targeted local audience and receive the revenue from your pre-sold packages in your account.

  How do I update or extend my availabilities?

You are welcome to customize, add, or edit your availabilities through the Nexdup app at any time. If you are changing your special offering, please realize that we may have pre-sold your prior package and ask  you to honor any Nexdup user who wishes to redeem pre-sold packages up to 60 days after each change. Please contact your local Nexdup support with any questions.